Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorry so long

Life moves rapidly. I can't believe I haven't posted in over a year...but I know why I haven't. It has been a roller coaster with Brian. His surgeries all went well. He ended up having two jaw surgeries because the doctor did the wrong operation the first time...well, actually only did half (the bottom jaw), when really the top jaw also needed to be moved out. Brian had his second back surgery to fix the lower scoliosis. He was so happy to walk straight again. I am super excited because he will be walking me down the aisle on July 16 as I have my wedding.

The roller coaster has been his moving from house to house and I mean friend's houses not mine or his dad's. After a year, he has finally settled back in with his dad. I am still trying to push him to finish his highschool degree on line, but it looks like a GED is going to be his way to go...when he eventually realizes he needs to have something to move on in life.

It is very frustrating to me to see him feeling bad for himself. He has so many other talents if he would just use them to his benefit. I feel he is safe living with his dad. As long as he stays away from the drugs and alcohol I will be happy. We talk frequently and have lunch at least once a month together. I can't wait to spend several days with him over my wedding weekend. I am so very proud of him for what he has endured in his life. he is one tough cookie.

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