Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new blog for me

I have decided to start another blog that addresses the issues of CMS, Congenital Myasthenia Syndrome. This will be an updating and ongoing process as Brian is now 16 yo. He was born with CMS, however, we did not know it until he was 7 yo. He is getting ready to start another step in his CMS journey and that is surgery to his jaw. He will be having a jaw/facial reconstruction. He has an open bite and has never been able to actually bite into a big, juicy hamburger with his front teeth.

I have found a few blogs of others with CMS so wanted to add another one. I have searched for others with the same syndrome as Brian so he could know he is not the only one out there.

Bear with me as I try to add old photos as I wasn't digital 16 years ago and will have to scan photos to add.

I'll still add information to as that is our family blog now that baby Luca is home, so check them both.

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