Sunday, January 25, 2009

Signs of somthing wrong???

I wanted to post some of the 'signs' in Brian's body that the doctors brought up but yet no one could explain.

* high arched palette

* unable to unbend his legs fully (they said he must have been cramped in the womb and no room to kick).

* unable to open his hands all the way without help; notice in the previous pictures how his pointer and pinky stick out and the rest are curled under.

* poor muscle tone overall; especially notable in the face; he couldn't suck on a bottle and no gag reflex. He couldn't hold his head up well.

* at about a year we noticed one side of his chest appeared not as developed as the other (this was the doctor's explanation when I questioned how something didn't look right)....turned out he had scoliosis due to the poor muscle tone (more on that in a later post).

* unable to eat any solid foods

* no smile on his lips....but definitely could see his smile in his eyes---they sparkled so.

* frequent refluxing of his feedings (however, we were clueless for a while as to what was going on there too)

* never crawled; rolled to get where he wanted to go (more on that later too and how we helped him there).

* any kind of cold would send him to the hospital in respiratory distress. (unable to cough up the congestion in his chest or even breath through it)

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